Women’s Christian T-Shirts

Christian T-Shirts Say Who You Are

Women’s Christian T-Shirts made with style and comfort in mind. Choose from crew neck and V neck styles including Christian workout t-shirts from Kerusso ACTIVE.

You’re buying a statement of your faith and reaching out to others. What better way to show your faith than on your Christian Tee. It says you’re comfortable with your love for the Lord and you are ready to talk about it.

How To Buy A Comfortable Christian Tee

Comfortable depends on the person wearing the shirt. Before you go any further check out our size chart. This will give you a good idea of what size Women’s Christian T-Shirts to buy.

Tight Fitting Christian Shirts

  • Pick your best fit from our size chart and order accordingly. You may want to buy a size smaller to get a really snug fit.

Loose Fitting Christian Tees

  • Again, check our size chart first to see what your best choice is
  • Buy the next size up – If you want a loose fitting shirt with room for comfort, consider the next size up. You won’t want to be “swimming” in your new Christian Tee but a little extra room does wonders on the comfort side.


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