HOLD FAST Christian Cap Eating Animals


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HOLD FAST™ Men’s Cap Eating Animals
Get in the hunt in this HOLD FAST™ Men’s Cap in Digital Camo. Killing animals is controversial in our modern culture, but properly seen against Scripture, we learn that God provided meat for us as a way to feed our families. We are designed to be carnivores and eat tasty animals to live.
Acts 10:13 makes it clear: “And there came a voice to him, Rise, Peter; kill, and eat.” Separated at present from God’s original “good” creation, we find ourselves in a world where death is a reality. Yet all through Scripture, we see a divine balance to navigating this world. In fact, God did not prohibit us from hunting for food; He condemned killing for the sake of killing and feeding an unholy bloodlust. Responsible hunting is a natural part of our existence.
Hunting is a right of passage for boys and girls, and when it is done with a reverence for God’s creation, it can offer invaluable teaching moments. There is a circle-of-life element in our world, and creatures great and small rely on food for their nourishment. Even in the hunt, we can remember that, one day, God will put away all death and we will all enjoy the New Earth together, both animals and humans! #HoldFast #ILoveAnimals #BookOfActs
HOLD FAST™ Men’s Cap—I Love Animals

Color: Woodland Camo
Design on front with flag design on left side
One size fits most
Velcro closure

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