My God Things Christmas Card Record Keeper

You’re My God Things Christmas Card Record Keeper will help you keep track of who you received Christmas cards from and who you sent to. You know what it’s like when Christmas comes around. There’s lots of activity between church activities, shopping, parties, school shows, family gatherings, Thanksgiving and the list goes on and on. Oh yes, sending Christmas Cards is on the agenda too! Your Christmas Card Record keeper doubles as a handy address book. Yes, you can keep track on your phone but not everyone on your Christmas card list is on your everyday contact list. Besides, when you’re writing out your cards you can leave your Record Keeper with your cards so you don’t lose track of where you left off. It’s simple to use and easy to keep up to date. Tip: We suggest using a pencil to record the address for those friends who move a lot. Other features include:
  • Columns for 6 years of received and sent records
  • 4 pages for gift ideas
  • Priced at only $7.99
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My God Things Journal

My God Things Journal is also available on Amazon Prime and Kindle. The My God Things Journal is a beautiful 365-day journal to help appreciate God in your life. Every day starts with a quote for inspiration and then asks three questions: 1) What God Things did you witness yesterday? 2) What are you looking forward to today? 3) What is your hope for tomorrow? Fill your life with joy and appreciation – Order the My God Things Journal today!