About Us

Welcome to IBelieveInGodThings.com. My name is Bill Beaver and I believe in God’s Miracles. I believe God is working in our lives every day.  When He knows we need it, He places a miracle in our life. When something happens and it can’t be explained people will say “it’s a God thing”. That’s why this website is called “I Believe In God Things” because I believe in God’s Miracles.

A Life Changing Event

A life-changing event took place in our family on August 4th, 2014. That event would allow our family to witness God’s Miracles and see the strength of God’s healing hand on my wife, Lorraine. The gifts that God gave us were real and unexplainable. What some would call God Things. The doctors, nurses and medical staff that attended to Lorraine were truly angels and were being guided by God’s hand. Many did not expect her to live. If she did, there was very little expectation of good “quality of life”. Certainly, most did not expect her to ever walk again. But, regardless of the fears and concerns, they were successful in pulling her through. There is no doubt in my mind that God was watching over Lorraine and her medical team every day.

God is working in our lives every day and most times we see it but sometimes we don’t. Sometimes it opens our eyes right away and sometimes not for days or months – or ever. If we’re not paying attention we can miss the miracles, or God Things, in our lives completely.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but during this life-changing event, the idea behind IBelieveInGodThings.com was being formulated.

On our Blog, I talk about miracles I’ve seen or heard about and about things that can help others to deal with everyday events. Encouragement to do better, try harder and help others. I encourage you to comment on these blog posts and share the miracles that have happened in your life or those around you.

Customers can buy products on our website that remind us of the things that God does in our lives. They give you a visual way to communicate your belief, your love or your appreciation. 

Remember that God’s miracles are not always huge events that you will read about on the internet or in newspapers. “God Things” can be everyday occurrences like a sermon that motivates someone to accept Jesus Christ, a church dinner where many can share a meal and have a great conversation. It can be a child’s first steps or a youth event that changed you or those around you.

Job 5:9 “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”